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babs 'n' jas designs

by theneedleworkpages.com on 02/29/2012 - 10:22 am
Categories: .Canada, quilting

Barbara Haworth-Attard and Judy Ann Sadler
When we first met through the writing community, we quickly discovered that, along with a love for books, we shared a passion for anything made by our hands. As our friendship grew, we spent many wonderful hours over tea and treats, sharing our latest quilting, knitting and embroidery creations. We’ve watched each other’s family grow, celebrated successes and comforted each other in difficult times. Now we’ve combined our creative energies to form babs ‘n’ jas designs so we can share our passions with you.
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Brenda Miller - Among Brenda's Quilts

by theneedleworkpages.com on 11/16/2011 - 09:55 am
Categories: .Canada, fibre art, quilting

I am seldom between quilts, as I am seldom between books; I often begin to cast about for new projects or things to read before the last one is complete. But once in awhile, before a particularly large quilting project, as before an epic read, I do tend to pause and try to collect my strength. It is like a great inspiration of breath, prior to a dive. It is a delicious feeling, wondering what pearls one might find 'down there.'
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The Needle and Thread Network

by theneedleworkpages.com on 11/03/2011 - 03:24 pm
Categories: .Canada, fibre art

WELCOME! This is an open blog link-up page for FIBRE ARTISTS or CREATIVE STITCHERS & SEWISTS.This can include: fibre, felt, textiles, embroidery, quilting art, weaving, spinning, lace making, doll making, needle arts, wearables and accessories. Canadian bloggers are strongly encouraged to join & spread the word by grabbing a button for your page.
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Colleen Babcock - The Magic Bean

by theneedleworkpages.com on 11/03/2011 - 03:07 pm
Categories: .United Kingdom, doll-making

Colleen is a cloth doll designer and teacher. Originally from Canada, Colleen has a degree in Theatre Design & Production from York University in Toronto. Now living in London, England, Colleen enjoys putting her knowledge of historical costume into many of her designs. Colleen teaches cloth doll making both online and in person and has enjoyed recent trips to teach in North America and well as teaching in the UK. Colleen loves producing & selling doll patterns so that others can enjoy making their own cloth dolls. Colleen’s particular interest is in making dolls that have a practical purpose as well as decorative one.
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