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Nellie Holmes holds a Diploma in Craft and Design and a Fibre Arts Certificate in Quilting. She has been quilting for eighteen years and working as a professional in quilting for the past eight. Nellie displays her work at quilt shows and local galleries, has been featured in numerous magazines, and designs quilts for Camelot Cottons. Nellie is also Quilting Editor for A Needle Pulling Thread magazine.

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Canadian Guild of Knitters

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Cynthia MacDougall - Canadian Guild of Knitters
I'm an avid knitter who wants to share her love of the craft with knitters across Canada and North America. I live in a lovely house in Barrie, Ontario with a sweet princess dog. I started Canadian Guild of Knitters and Knit Together in November 2002 for the Love of Knit, and I've been doing it ever since!
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