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Bead Gauge


The answer to your bead measuring problems - The Bead Gauge.
A sturdy white plastic card with seed bead gauge on one side and rulers and mm dots for sizing larger beads on the other side.

Contact Information

Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada

phone: view phone519-956-9632

website: www.beadgauge.com



The quick and easy way to find the size of your beads!

Have you:

- Purchased beads on sale and then wondered just what size they are? Use the Bead Gauge.

- Organized your beads into sizes, pulled some together for a project and now you want to put the extra ones back into the correct size bin? Use the Bead Gauge.

- Picked up some beads from a friend and "thought" they were a certain size? Use the Bead Gauge.

Using the Bead Gauge:

1. Put 10 seed beads on your needle (or on thread).

2. Slide the needle up/down the bead gauge - where the 10 beads fit between the vertical lines, read the seed bead size on the right.

Now you know for sure what size your beads are!

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