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The Creation of The Crochet Crowd: The creation of teaching on YouTube was a fluke. A boring afternoon would end up turning into a multi million view resource page in the years to come.

Contact Information

10 Mullen Dr PO Box 473 Walkerton, Ontario, Canada N0G 2V0

phone: view phone519-881-4724

website: http://thecrochetcrowd.com




Interesting Statistics
Online video viewers enjoy a new perspective and has moved Michael to the top by subscribing and following. Videos can be viewed up to 100,000 times a day across all networks for The Crochet Crowd.
The Crowd Videos are used between 1.1 - 1.9 Million Times each month.
Michael can work up to 14 hours per day in building content for The Crochet Crowd and affiliated content partners.
The top four countries in order of popularity are the United States, UK, Canada & Australia.
The top 5 major cities in the world who are members of The Crochet Crowd Facebook are Toronto in Canada, New York in the USA, Cairo in Eygpt, Philadephia in the USA, and Los Angelas in the USA.
Michael appears on 8 different YouTube Channels for various companies as an official host or co-partner.

Michael social network's everyday by working for various companies to assist in developing social marketing strategies.

Hours of work

Saturday to Thursdays 9 am - 8 pm.
Closed Fridays


Walkerton, Ontario

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